The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window – Kirsty Moseley



The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window is a missed opportunity buried beneath awkward writing, cliches, and unnecessary physical and sexual abuse.

Trigger warning: physical and sexual abuse.

I loved the concept behind this book. A girl and her brother’s best friend have been sleeping together since they were kids. Now in their teens, they’re navigating emotions and sexual tension. The author destroys this concept by relying heavily on the over sexed male lead and the virgin female lead. Everyday at school, girls are sexually attacking him because of his hotness and sexual history. It’s unrealistic and disgusting because all those girls are then slut shamed endlessly.

The writing, for the most part, is awkward and hard to read. It’s so jarring and choppy that I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. The dialogue between the characters is anything but smooth. There are a few moments where a better version of this book glimmers beneath the surface, but is quickly rolled over with more bad writing.

What I hated most about this book was the unnecessary use of sexual assault as a plot device and character development. There was absolutely no reason to include it other than to give the main character a glimmer of personality and to drive the plot near the end of the novel.

The end of the novel had me rolling my eyes almost every other page. The story takes a cliched turn for the worst.


Overall, The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window is a missed opportunity. It lacks the skill of a more accomplished author to create a realistic romance with sexual tension that flies off the pages. I would only recommend this book to people who haven’t read much from the romance genre, but even then there are better written novels to begin with.

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