Until the End (Sea Breeze #9) – Abbi Glines



That last epilogue!!! ❤️❤️❤️

Until the End is the final installment in the Sea Breeze series. It follows Trisha and Rock as they both overcome horrible living situations and find love. It also features epilogues from each of the couples from the previous books.

Trisha and Rock’s story is heartbreaking and tough to read. But it’s also swoon worthy and everything you expect from an Abbi Glines story. It features the cliches of any typical romance novel, but Trisha and Rock as characters stand out in their complexities and emotional understanding of the world they live in. I was always interested in their relationship from seeing them throughout all the other novels, so it was nice to finally get their story. Suffice to say, Until the End is a much better novel than its predecessor, Hold on Tight.

I loved some of the epilogues and tolerated the others since I didn’t love every pairing. However, it was still nice checking in with these characters after such a long absence from them. I especially loved the final epilogue!


Overall, the Sea Breeze series has its ups and downs but I’m happy to have read them all. These characters will stick with you and have you wanting to experience their romances over and over.

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