Hold on Tight (Sea Breeze #8) – Abbi Glines



Hold on Tight is a typical romance novel. An inexperience woman who needs to be saved and an experience man who has every means possible to save her.

The Sea Breeze series is one of my favorite romance series. I go into every book expecting to enjoy the story despite its over use or cliches and tropes. Abbi Glines knows how to write rugged sexy men and innocent beautiful women. It’s her MO. So, it’s no surprise that Hold on Tight follows the same formula.

What I hated most about this book was the slut and fat shaming. Throughout the book there are subtle and not so subtle remarks about fatness and women’s sexual prowess as something negative. It’s uncomfortable and unnecessary.
Overall, Hold on Tight is one of my least favorite installments on this series. It follows the same generic formula for romance novels without adding anything new. The slut and fat shamming was disgusting and unnecessary. I understand that sometimes, as an author, it’s hard to not let your personal feelings and thoughts bleed into your writing, but it’s important to recognize them so that they don’t become a defining feature of your fiction.

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