Gemina (The Illuminae Files #2) – Amie Kaufman, Jay Kristoff



Gemini isn’t as good as its predecessor. It lacks the humour, action, and characters from the first. 

I was disappointed when I realized that Kady and Ezra weren’t the main characters of the sequel. Instead we’re given new characters that are only slightly different from Kady and Ezra. Hanna is just as witty and resourceful as Kady. Nik is just as suave and endearing as Ezra. In all honesty, Hanna and Nik feel like the bargain brand versions of Kady and Ezra. 

Despite this very negative review of the new main characters, I did come to enjoy their relationships an interactions. I also thoroughly enjoyed Ella being added to the mix. Her character added something new the story. 

Gemina also lacks the humour its predecessor used so well. I didn’t laugh out loud as much or have as much fun reading Gemina as I did Illuminae. 

Overall, I am slightly disappointed with Gemina. The characters felt like cheap versions of the original, the writing wasn’t as funny, and the plot wasn’t as engaging. Despite this negative review, I did REALLY enjoy Gemina and cannot wait for the next book!

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