Broken Prince (The Royals #2) – Erin Watt


3 star

What? What the hell just happened? I did not expect the book to end that way. 

Broken Prince is the sequel to Paper Princess and continues to follow Ella as she deals with the aftermath of Brooke’s reveal. 

I didn’t enjoy Broken Prince as much as it’s predecessor. I found it to be more juvenile in its plot and character actions. What I loved most about the first novel was its maturity, but Broke Prince leaves that maturity behind. 

I didn’t think I would read the third novel, but the ending is so crazy that now I have to know what happens next. The ending redeems the entire novel because it departs from a young adult setting to a more mature story. These novels work better in a more mature setting. 

Overall, Broken Prince was a disappointment compared to Paper Princess. It lost its maturity making it read like juvenile fiction. The only thing that saves this novel is the ridiculous and dramatic ending that demands you to keep reading.

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