The Da Vinci Code – Dan Brown (Robert Langdon #2)



Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy The Da Vinci Code as much as Angels and Demons. The key difference between the two is their focus on the historical facts and art in relation to the fictional story being told. Angels and Demons focuses heavily on the clues found in the art itself. However, The Da Vinci Code focuses more on a theory/ story from the past. 

The Da Vinci Code is an action packed story. I always enjoy stories that are full of action, however I was looking forward to the steady pace of Angels and Demons that focused more on historical facts and art. The Da Vinci Code does focus on historical facts just not as much as its predecessor. For this reason, I ended up giving it four stars instead of five. 

Also, I read the illustrated edition of this novel (and the previous one) and it didn’t enhance my reading experience quite like Angels and Demons because, as previously mentioned, The Da Vinci Code isn’t as rooted in the visual art from the past.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed The Da Vinci Code despite it not living up to what I wanted based on my experience reading Angels and Demons. However, this book has inspired me to watch countless documentaries and is fueling my desire to travel!

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