The Glittering Court – Richelle Mead



The Glittering Court follows a prominent countess as she escapes to the new world to avoid an arranged marriage. She assumes a new identity and is sent to a finishing school to learn, along side common girls, all the skills she already possesses. 

The best way to describe everything about this book is flat. The characters, plot, interactions between characters, and relationships are flat. The characters are dull, many moments during the novel are boring, and the relationships lack spark and intensity. 

I went into this novel expecting to love it like a guilty pleasure. I was expecting romance and intrigue. Instead, The Glittering Court delivers a boring story with ridiculous actions and forgettable characters. 

The ending of the novel is rushed and convenient. The events line up too perfectly without delay. 

Overall, The Glittering Court delivers a boring story with forgettable characters and relationships. I was expecting to enjoy this novel since I loved Vampire Academy and Bloodlines, but The Glittering Court falls flat on all fronts.

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