The Score (Off-Campus #3) – Elle Kennedy


3 star

The Score suffers from all the clichés and issues that normally plague New Adult novels. However, what ultimate redeems this novel is the funny writing style.

The Score follows notorious ladies’ man Dean as he’s paired up with Allie after she needs a place to stay after breaking up with her boyfriend. Dean is a strictly no relationship kind of guy, while Allie is a serial dater. Lifestyles clash and hearts are broken in this typical New Adult Romance.

As with Elle Kennedy’s previous novels, The Score is chalk full of hilarious and witty writing but also has the ability to make you swoon and cry. Dean is confident, cocky, and full of swagger, while Allie is also confident but she’s more reserved and ambitious. I loved the witty banter between Allie and Dean. Allie and Dean are able to hold their own as they get into verbal smack downs.

Another testament to Kennedy’s writing style was her ability to make me laugh out loud upon numerous occasions. It wasn’t just the conversations between the characters, but the situations they found themselves in.

What ultimate made me rate this novel three stars is the cliché plot and slut shamming. Allie is constantly questioning and belittling herself and her actions. Instead of embracing her actions and owning up to them, she shames herself into regretting them. It’s frustrating and annoying to read.


Overall, The Score is your typical New Adult Romance that offers nothing unique to the genre. However, the funny and witty writing style will keep you glued to the page and laughing out loud.

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