Annihilation (Southern Reach #1) – Jeff VanderMeer


5 star

What? What did I just read?

Annihilation is mind boggling and twisted and freighting and disturbing.


This book is incredibly hard to review because of its weird story. Four women are sent into an area called Area X that has popped up with no explanation. The entire area is shrouded in mystery and you soon find out that the women chosen for the expedition are given very little information and outdated equipment when they enter Area X.

This book is told in journal format written by one character. This format works exceptionally well for this kind of story because it adds to the mystery and intrigue of Area X. Should the reader trusts the writer or not?

Jeff VanderMeer’s writing is beautiful and fits the story and narrative well. His word choice and description of events and things add to the mind boggling and twisted plot. A different writing style wouldn’t have the same effect that Annihilation has.

The reader is given very little information about Area X as a whole. By the end of the novel, the reader still doesn’t have much information about it or what’s inside it or even what happened throughout the course of the novel. Even without this crucial information, the novel kept me glued to the pages. What information the reader is given is intriguing enough to continue reading in hopes of more.


Overall, Annihilation is an absolute wonder of a novel. If you’re looking for something mind boggling and twisted to read, look no further. However, I will warn potential readers that if you need world building to enjoy a book you probably won’t enjoy Annihilation.

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