When I’m Gone – Abbi Glines


Rosemary Beach #10

3 star

Abbi Glines is one of my go to authors when I want to read a good romance novel. I’ve loved every other book she’s written, but I didn’t enjoy When I’m Gone as much as I wanted to.

Trigger warning: RAPE

When I’m Gone follows Reese as she escapes from a childhood of abuse from her parents to Rosemary Beach where she meets Mase, a man determined to fix her.

What I didn’t enjoy most about this book is the very serious issues within. Reese was abused emotionally, physically, and sexually throughout her childhood which led to her to not finishing high school because of an undiagnosed learning disability. These very serious issues made it almost impossible for me to enjoy the story as much as I wanted to. I read romance novels to escape and imagine that I’m the female protagonist, so I don’t enjoy romances with very serious themes as much as more light hearted stories.

Glines knows how to write swoon worthy men. With each instalment in the Rosemary Beach series she continues to show her expertise in crafting men you can’t help but fall in love with. Mase is a sexy cowboy hell bent on fixing all his loved one problems. Reese quickly captures his heart and his actions for and towards her are all any woman would want in real life.

Despite me not enjoying Reese’s dark past, I still loved watching their relationship unfold. It unfolded differently from any other romance novel I’ve read. It was a slow burn that ended in explosions.

I also really enjoyed seeing glimpses of the other characters, namely Blaire, Rush, Della, and Harlow. Blaire’s story is my still my favourite to this day, so any chance to see her is a welcomed one.


Overall, When I’m Gone is not my favourite of the Rosemary Beach series but it’s still worth the read if you’re looking for a quick romance novel that offers a darker layer to the main character.

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