Vicious – V. E. Schwab



I’m certainly in the minority when it comes to my opinions about this book. I went into it with fairly high expectations because everyone on BookTube sings V. E. Schwab praises, so I expected to enjoy this novel. Unfortunately, I didn’t.

What I didn’t like the most about Vicious was the Eos’ setup. It felt rushed, incomplete, and too convenient. Since the setup for the Eos is in the beginning of the novel, I had a hard time losing myself within the story. The writing and story didn’t engage me and stayed that way for most of the book.

Victor was an interesting and flawed character. What I enjoyed most about Schwab’s characterization of Victor was her ability to make feel sympathy for him then take it away by reminding me that he’s not deserving of that sympathy. I also thoroughly enjoyed how Victor’s ability reflected his personality.

On the other hand, I thought Eli was a clichéd and self-righteous villain. Without spoiling the novel, he reflected all villains who share his ideology.

The writing style was not at all engaging because it felt lost and confused in its own timeline. The constant jump between the past and present got tiresome really quick. By the end of the novel it felt slow and dragged out.


Overall, I expected A LOT more from this book because of all the hype surrounding it. I did enjoy some aspects of the novel, but, for the most part, I didn’t enjoy it. The characters and story are interesting on the surface, but the deeper the story goes the more it becomes obvious that it’s lacking in depth.

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