Tangled – Emma Chase


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Most romances novels follow the same generic plot: the male love interest is a sex god and has been with multiple other women while the female main character is sheltered and hasn’t yet experienced earth shattering sex. As much as I complain about this plot being used over and over, I do enjoy it from time to time when it can offer something a little more to the story. Whether it’s well-developed characters, plot twists, etc. However, Tangled takes it to a new extreme and not a good one.

Tangled is told from Drew Evans’ perspective, a successful business man who is notorious for his ‘hit it and quit it’ lifestyle. He’s a complete asshole and doesn’t try to hide it. In fact, most the time he’s justifying his actions to the reader. Drew’s perspective breaks the fourth wall. He’s constantly talking directly to the reader. Reading a romance novel told entirely from the male’s perspective and breaking of the fourth wall is something new to me and I found it refreshing and fun. However, that’s the only decent thing about this book.

As I mentioned before, Drew is an asshole. His comments aren’t snarky or witty, they’re rude, discriminatory, and would land him in the middle of a sexual harassment suit. The main character, Katherine Brooks, seemed to be the perfect match for Drew. At the beginning of the novel she gave as good, if not better, as Drew gave her in terms of rude comments. She held her own, however that was all the characterization she got. This lack of development is due to the writing style/perspective. Drew is constantly telling the reader directly what Kate is doing or feeling, so the reader never gets to know Kate as character independently from Drew.

Another big issue I had with Tangled was the plot. So, all I’ll say is that Drew has the emotional range of a teaspoon.

I’m certainly in the minority when it comes to this book. It has a high rating on Goodreads and was voted as a Goodreads choice winner in 2013. Maybe it’s the year the book was written, but reading it now (in 2016) I found so many issues with it that I skimmed the last ¾ of the book.


Overall, the only aspect of this book that I thought was well done was its unique perspective and writing style. The reader gets to understand Drew as person quickly, however every other character is under developed as a consequence of this style. Drew’s character is an asshole with no redeemable qualities, which made the book a chore to read.

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