Love me to Death – Sharlay


Brennan Cole…

Is a player. He sleeps with women at night and kicks them out of his bed by morning. NO strings. NO attachments. And NO falling in love.

But not even his good looks, hot body or sexy way with words can get him out of the eviction notice stuck on his door.

Desperate for money and running out of time he finds himself signing a contract for an acting job that is about to break every rule that he’s ever made…

Neddie Waters…

Is dying. With only a year left to live, falling in love is the last thing that she wants to do.

But with a mother desperate to see her find her one true love before her final days and an inability to say no to the one woman that she loves more than anything in the world, Neddie sets herself a simple task…

1. Hire someone to play her ‘lover’.

2. Don’t fall in love.


4 out of 5 stars

“Passion validates you, not money.”

Love me to Death follows Brennan, a ladies man who is notorious for his one night stands. Brennan is a struggling actor who refuses to give up on his dream despite his lack of success. One day he finds a role that will change the way he sees the world, other people, and himself. In other words, it changes his entire life. His role is to pretend to be a boyfriend to a dying woman, Neddie, who wants nothing more than to fulfill her mother’s desire for her to fall in love before she dies.

Forbidden romances are always a pleasure to read and Love me to Death is no exception. However, this story offers more than just a simple, cut and dry romance. It offers a refreshing perspective on life, which can only be reached through personal experience. This personal experience shines through the writing creating a visceral and real story.

The entire story is told from Brennan’s perspective, which is rare for romance novels. Having only a male perspective for a typically female story is both interesting and unique. His character is flawed, emotional, quick-witted, and full of charm and swagger.

“‘So, what is it you do, Cole?’ Jackson asks. I try not to scroll.
‘I’m an actor.’
‘Oh, that’s fantastic, have you been in anything recently, that I might know?’ he asks in a patronizing tone.
‘Other than Ned, probably not.'”

Finally, the most interesting aspect of this book is its similarity/feel to Fifty Shades of Grey. At first glance this may seem like a criticism rather than a compliment, however I intend it as a compliment because of what Sharlay does with the material. The beginning of the book has a similar vibe as Fifty Shades, but with genders reversed. Both stories head in different directions, but it was fun and interesting seeing the role reversal.

Overall, Love me to Death is an inspiring romance with a twist, fantastically developed characters, and a personal touch that shines through the writing. If you’re looking for a change of pace with romance than look no further.

**I received this book in exchange for an honest review.

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